• Asa made Jugyou Chu!

    Alternative: 授课到天亮Chu! ; 朝まで授業Chu! ; Asa made Jugyou Chu ; See Me After Class
  • Author(s): Ohta Akiyoshi
  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  School life -  Seinen -  Ecchi -  Harem -  Adventure -  Action -  Adult -  Cooking -  Gender bender -  Yuri
  • Status : Ongoing
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Asa made Jugyou Chu! summary:

Asa made Jugyou Chu! manga summary: Due to a mistake, just registered Otorinashi Academy pupil Yuuki Kagami is assigned a chamber in the girls dormitory, even although Yuuki is a man.[1] Since not one of the other chambers for men can be found, he ends up having discuss the space with Ayana Kakinozaka, his lovely but ditzy homeroom instructor who produced the blunder in the first place.[1] To prevent getting kicked from the college if you are a boy in a girls dormitory, Yuuki must share his room with Ayana, his self-proclaimed protector, and crossdress whenever he's outside his room and when he's not in his lessons. Yuuki fulfills several other figures in Otorinashi Academy, the first being Risa Takabane, whom he accidentally walks in to, making a negative opinion.[2] Risa realizes about his situation, but determines to keep it a key, on the state he becomes her slave.[3][4] Over the span of the show, he falls upon other young women including pupil council president Patricia Bepouin,[5] most of whom have an intimate or at at least a powerful sexual attraction to him. Yuuki Kagami Yuuki is the primary protagonist of the story. At first, he could be unexpectedly assigned a room in the girls' residence, but so that you can remain in college, dress yourself in must be crossed by him in the dorm. This proves to be pretty simple because of characteristics that are female and his timid nature. He's not bad -willed, as when women make an effort to make a move on him, he'll generally resist their developments. Yuuki is fairly down to earth and accountable, particularly compared to the kind of Ayana sensei. He looks to become aroused if a person touches the knot along with his head.

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